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CQA seals

CQA seals have triple sealing faces separate different medium like fluid & fluid or fluid & gas.Pressure range up to 400bar(5800psi).They are available in metric sizes and some fit seal housings in accordance with ISO 7425-1:1988.

MaterialSlide ring: PTFE with 40% Bronze
Energizer: NBR or FKM
PressureUp to 500 bar(7250psi)
SpeedUp to 3 m/s
Temperature range-30 to +110℃(NBR)
-30 to +200℃(FKM)
CQA 16X5X4.21654.2
CQA 18X7X4.21874.2
CQA 20X9X4.22094.2
CQA 22X11X4.222114.2
CQA 25X14X4.225144.2
CQA 28X17X4.228174.2
CQA 30X19X4.230194.2
CQA 32X21X4.232214.2
CQA 35X24X4.235244.2
CQA 40X29X4.240294.2
CQA 42X31X4.242314.2
CQA 45X34X4.245344.2
CQA 48X37X4.248374.2
CQA 50X39X4.250394.2
CQA 50X34.5X6.35034.56.3
CQA 52X41X4.252414.2
CQA 55X44X4.255444.2
CQA 60X49X4.260494.2
CQA 63X52X4.263524.2
CQA 63X47.5X6.36347.56.3
CQA 65X54X4.265544.2
CQA 70X59X4.270594.2
CQA 70X54.5X6.37054.56.3
CQA 75X64X4.275644.2
CQA 80X64.5X6.38064.56.3
CQA 80X59X8.180598.1
CQA 85X69.5X6.38569.56.3
CQA 85X64X8.185648.1
CQA 90X74.5X6.39074.56.3
CQA 90X69X8.190698.1
CQA 95X79.5X6.39579.56.3
CQA 95X74X8.195748.1
CQA 100X84.5X6.310084.56.3
CQA 100X79X8.1100798.1
CQA 105X89.5X6.310589.56.3
CQA 105X84X8.1105848.1
CQA 110X94.5X6.311094.56.3
CQA 110X89X8.1110898.1
CQA 115X99.5X6.311599.56.3
CQA 115X94X8.1115948.1
CQA 120X104.5X6.3120104.56.3
CQA 120X99X8.1120998.1
CQA 125X109.5X6.3125109.56.3
CQA 125X104X8.11251048.1
CQA 130X114.5X6.3130114.56.3
CQA 130X109X8.11301098.1
CQA 135X114X8.11351148.1
CQA 140X119X8.11401198.1
CQA 150X129X8.11501298.1
CQA 160X139X8.11601398.1
CQA 170X149X8.11701498.1
CQA 180X159X8.11801598.1
CQA 190X169X8.11901698.1
CQA 200X179X8.12001798.1
CQA 210X189X8.12101898.1
CQA 220X199X8.12201998.1
CQA 230X209X8.12302098.1
CQA 240X219X8.12402198.1
CQA 250X229X8.12502298.1
CQA 250X225.5X8.1250225.58.1
CQA 280X252X9.52802529.5
CQA 300X272X9.53002729.5
CQA 320X292X9.53202929.5
CQA 350X322X9.53503229.5
CQA 400X372X9.54003729.5
CQA 420X392X9.54203929.5
CQA 450X422X9.54504229.5
CQA 480X445X11.548044511.5
CQA 500X465X11.550046511.5
CQA 600X565X11.560056511.5
CQA 700X665X11.570066511.5
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