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CQB seals

CQB seals have triple sealing faces separate different medium like fluid & fluid or fluid & gas.Pressure range up to 500bar(7250psi).

MaterialSlide ring: PTFE with 40% Bronze
Energizer: NBR or FKM
PressureUp to 500 bar(7250psi)
SpeedUp to 3 m/s
Temperature range-30 to +110℃(NBR)
-30 to +200℃(FKM)
CQB 40X30X6.340306.3
CQB 42X32X6.342326.3
CQB 45X35X6.345356.3
CQB 48X38X6.348386.3
CQB 50X40X6.350406.3
CQB 52X42X6.352426.3
CQB 55X45X6.355456.3
CQB 60X50X6.360506.3
CQB 63X53X6.363536.3
CQB 65X55X6.365556.3
CQB 70X60X6.370606.3
CQB 75X65X6.375656.3
CQB 80X67X8.380678.3
CQB 85X72X8.385728.3
CQB 90X77X8.390778.3
CQB 95X82X8.395828.3
CQB 100X87X8.3100878.3
CQB 105X92X8.3105928.3
CQB 110X97X8.3110978.3
CQB 115X102X8.31151028.3
CQB 120X107X8.31201078.3
CQB 125X112X8.31251128.3
CQB 130X117X8.31301178.3
CQB 135X117X12.313511712.3
CQB 140X122X12.314012212.3
CQB 150X132X12.315013212.3
CQB 160X142X12.316014212.3
CQB 170X152X12.317015212.3
CQB 180X162X12.318016212.3
CQB 190X172X12.319017212.3
CQB 200X182X12.320018212.3
CQB 210X192X12.321019212.3
CQB 220X202X12.322020212.3
CQB 230X212X12.323021212.3
CQB 240X222X12.324022212.3
CQB 250X232X12.325023212.3
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