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DHS seals

DHS seals are snap-in wiper seals. It is a double function rod wiper made by TPU. It is available in JIS and DIN standard. Speed range up to 1m/s.

SpeedUp to 1 m/s
Temperature range-20 to +80℃
DHS 11.2X19.2X4.5/611.219.24.56
DHS 12X20X4.5/612204.56
DHS 12.5X20.5X4.5/612.520.54.56
DHS 14X22X4.5/614224.56
DHS 16X24X4.5/616244.56
DHS 18X26X4.5/618264.56
DHS 20X28X4.5/620284.56
DHS 22X30X4.5/622304.56
DHS 22.4X30.4X4.5/622.430.44.56
DHS 23.5X31.5X4.5/623.531.5456
DHS 25X33X4.5/625334.56
DHS 28X36X4.5/628364.56
DHS 30X38X5/6.5303856.5
DHS 31.5X39.5X5/6.531.539.556.5
DHS 32X40X5/6.5324056.5
DHS 35X43X5/6.5354356.5
DHS 35.5X43.5X5/6.535.543.556.5
DHS 36X44X5/6.5364456.5
DHS 38X46X5/6.5384656.5
DHS 40X48X5/6.5404856.5
DHS 45X53X5/6.5455356.5
DHS 46X54X5/6.5465456.5
DHS 50X58X5/6.5505856.5
DHS 53X61X5/6.5536156.5
DHS 55X63X5/6.5556356.5
DHS 56X64X5/6.5566456.5
DHS 58X66X5/6.5586656.5
DHS 60X68X5/6.5606856.5
DHS 63X71X5/6.5637156.5
DHS 65X73X5/6.5657356.5
DHS 67X75X5/6.5677556.5
DHS 70X80X6/8708068
DHS 71X81X6/8718168
DHS 75X85X6/8758568
DHS 80X90X6/8809068
DHS 85X95X6/8859568
DHS 90X100X6/89010068
DHS 95X105X6/89510568
DHS 98X108X6/89810868
DHS 100X110X6/810011068
DHS 105X115X6/810511568
DHS 110X120X6/811012068
DHS 112X122X6/811212268
DHS 115X125X6/811512568
DHS 118X128X6/811812868
DHS 120X130X6/812013068
DHS 125X138X7/9.512513879.5
DHS 130X143X7/9.513014379.5
DHS 136X149X7/9.513614979.5
DHS 140X153X7/9.514015379.5
DHS 145X158X7/9.514515879.5
DHS 150X163X7/9.515016379.5
DHS 160X173X7/9.516017379.5
DHS 165X178X7/9.516517879.5
DHS 170X183X7/9.517018379.5
DHS 180X193X7/9.518019379.5
DHS 190X204X7/9.519020479.5
DHS 200X213X7/9.520021379.5
DHS 204X218X7/9.520421879.5
DHS 210X224X7/9.521022479.5
DHS 212X226X7/9.521222679.5
DHS 220X234X7/9.522023479.5
DHS 230X244X7/9.523024479.5
DHS 250X264X7/9.525026479.5
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