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DKB seals

DKB seal is press-in wiper seal, designed to be a press fit into an open groove with a metal cage double lips dust wiper made of NBR.

MaterialDust lip: NBR
Metal: Steel plate
SpeedUp to 1 m/s
Temperature range-30 to +110℃
DKB 14X24X5/7142457
DKB 16X26X5/7162657
DKB 18X30X6/9183069
DKB 19X26X5/7192657
DKB 19X31X6/9193169
DKB 19X32X6/9193269
DKB 20X30X4/6203046
DKB 20X32X6/9203269
DKB 22X32X6/9223269
DKB 22X34X6/9223469
DKB 22.4X34.4X6/922.434.469
DKB 25X37X6/9253769
DKB 28X38X7/102838710
DKB 28X40X6/9284069
DKB 30X42X6/9304269
DKB 30X45X6/9304569
DKB 31.5X44X7/1031.544710
DKB 32X44X7/103244710
DKB 32X45X5/8324558
DKB 32X45X7/103245710
DKB 32X52X8/113252811
DKB 35X47X7/103547710
DKB 35.5X47.5X7/1035.547.5710
DKB 36X48X7/103648710
DKB 40X50X7/104050710
DKB 40X52X7/104052710
DKB 44.45X60.2X7.1/944.4560.27.19
DKB 45X57X7/104557710
DKB 50X62X7/105062710
DKB 55X65X7/105565710
DKB 55X69X8/115569811
DKB 56X70X8/115670811
DKB 60X74X8/116074811
DKB 63X77X8/116377811
DKB 65X79X8/116579811
DKB 70X84X8/117084811
DKB 75X89X8/117589811
DKB 80X94X8/118094811
DKB 85X99X8/118599811
DKB 90X104X8/1190104811
DKB 95X109X8/1195109811
DKB 100X114X8/11100114811
DKB 105X121X9/12105121912
DKB 110X126X9/12110126912
DKB 112X128X9/12112128912
DKB 115X131X9/12115131912
DKB 120X136X9/12120136912
DKB 125X141X9/12125141912
DKB 140X160X10/141401601014
DKB 145X165X10/141451651014
DKB 150X170X10/141501701014
DKB 155X175X10/141551751014
DKB 160X180X10/141601801014
DKB 170X190X10/141701901014
DKB 175X195X10/141751951014
DKB 180X205X12/171802051217
DKB 200X225X12/172002251217
DKB 225X250X12/172252501217
DKB 250X275X12/172502751217
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