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IDU seals

IDU seals are lower friction rod seal made of TPU. The design reduced contact surface to let it offers longer service life. Pressure range up to 320bar( 4641psi).They are available in metric sizes.

PressureUp to 320 bar(4640psi)
SpeedUp to 1 m/s
Temperature range-30 to +110℃
IDU 10X16X8101689
IDU 12X18X8121889
IDU 14X20X8142089
IDU 16X22X8162289
IDU 16X24X1016241012
IDU 18X24X8182489
IDU 18X26X1018261012
IDU 20X26X8202689
IDU 20X28X1020281012
IDU 22X28X8222889
IDU 22X30X1022301012
IDU 25X31X8253189
IDU 25X33X1025331012
IDU 28X34X8283489
IDU 28X36X1028361012
IDU 30X38X8303889
IDU 30X38X1030381012
IDU 32X40X1032401012
IDU 34X42X1034421012
IDU 35X43X1035431012
IDU 36X44X1036441012
IDU 38X46X1038461012
IDU 40X48X1040481012
IDU 45X53X1045531012
IDU 50X58X1050581012
IDU 52X60X1052601012
IDU 55X63X1055631012
IDU 55X67X1455671416
IDU 56X64X1056641012
IDU 56X58X1056581012
IDU 60X72X1460721416
IDU 63X75X1463751416
IDU 65X77X1465771416
IDU 70X82X1470821416
IDU 72X84X1472841416
IDU 75X87X1475841416
IDU 80X92X1480921416
IDU 85X97X1485971416
IDU 86X98X1486981416
IDU 88X100X14881001416
IDU 90X102X14901021416
IDU 95X107X14951071416
IDU 100X112X141001121416
IDU 105X117X141051171416
IDU 105X121X181051211820
IDU 110X122X141101221416
IDU 110X126X181101261820
IDU 115X127X141151271416
IDU 115X131X181151311820
IDU 120X132X141201321416
IDU 120X136X181201361820
IDU 125X137X141251371416
IDU 125X141X181251411820
IDU 130X142X141301421416
IDU 130X146X181301461820
IDU 135X147X141351471416
IDU 135X151X181351511820
IDU 140X152X141401521416
IDU 140X156X181401561820
IDU 145X157X141451571416
IDU 145X161X181451611820
IDU 150X162X141501621416
IDU 150X166X181501661820
IDU 155X167X141551671416
IDU 155X171X181551711820
IDU 160X172X141601721416
IDU 160X176X181601761820
IDU 165X181X181651811820
IDU 170X186X181701861820
IDU 175X191X181751911820
IDU 180X196X181801961820
IDU 185X201X181852011820
IDU 190X206X181902061820
IDU 195X211X181952111820
IDU 200X216X182002161820
IDU 205X221X182052211820
IDU 210X226X182102261820
IDU 215X231X182152311820
IDU 220X236X182202361820
IDU 225X241X182252411820
IDU 230X246X182302461820
IDU 235X251X182352511820
IDU 240X256X182402561820
IDU 250X266X182502661820
IDU 260X276X182602761820
IDU 265X281X182652811820
IDU 270X286X182702861820
IDU 280X296X182802961820
IDU 290X306X182903061820
IDU 295X311X182953111820
IDU 300X316X183003161820
IDU 310X334X243103342426.5
IDU 320X344X243203442426.5
IDU 330X354X243303542426.5
IDU 340X364X243403542426.5
IDU 350X374X243503742426.5
IDU 360X384X243603842426.5
IDU 370X394X243703942426.5
IDU 380X404X243804042426.5
IDU 400X424X244004242426.5
IDU 420X444X244204442426.5
IDU 450X474X244504742426.5
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