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KR seals

The KR piston seal consists of a PU slide ring and a square NBR rubber energizer. Pressure range up to 300bar(4351psi).They are available in metric sizes and some fit seal housings in accordance with ISO 7425-1:1988.

MaterialSlide ring: PU
Energizer: NBR
PressureUp to 300 bar(4351psi)
SpeedUp to 1 m/s
Temperature range-35 to +110℃
KR 20X12.5X3.22012.53.2
KR 25X17.5X3.22517.53.2
KR 25X14X4.225144.2
KR 32X24.5X3.23224.53.2
KR 32X21X4.232214.2
KR 38X27X4.238274.2
KR 40X32.5X3.24032.53.2
KR 40X29X4.240294.2
KR 45X34X4.245344.2
KR 45X32X6.345326.3
KR 50X39X4.250394.2
KR 50X34.5X6.35034.56.3
KR 55X39.5X6.35539.56.3
KR 60X49X4.260494.2
KR 60X44.5X6.36044.56.3
KR 63X52X4.263524.2
KR 63X47.5X6.36347.56.3
KR 63X50X6.363506.3
KR 65X52X6.365526.3
KR 65X49.5X6.36549.56.3
KR 70X59X4.270594.2
KR 70X54.5X6.37054.56.3
KR 70X57X6.370576.3
KR 75X59.5X6.37559.56.3
KR 75X62X6.375626.3
KR 75X60X7.375607.3
KR 80X69X4.280694.2
KR 80X64.5X6.38064.56.3
KR 80X65X7.380657.3
KR 85X71.5X6.38571.56.3
KR 85X69.5X6.38569.56.3
KR 90X74.5X6.39074.56.3
KR 90X69X8.190698.1
KR 90X69X10.5906910.5
KR 95X79.5X6.39579.56.3
KR 100X84.5X6.310084.56.3
KR 100X86.5X6.310086.56.3
KR 100X79X8.1100798.1
KR 100X85X7.3100857.3
KR 105X84.5X6.310584.56.3
KR 105X89.5X6.310589.56.3
KR 110X89X8.1110898.1
KR 115X94X8.1115948.1
KR 120X99X8.1120998.1
KR 120X98X101209810
KR 125X109.5X6.3125109.56.3
KR 125X104X8.11251048.1
KR 140X119X8.11401198.1
KR 160X139X8.11601398.1
KR 180X159X8.11801598.1
KR 200X179X8.12001798.1
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