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ODU seals

ODU seals are single-acting U seals made of TPU. Pressure range up to 320bar(4641psi). They are available in metric sizes.

PressureUp to 320 bar(4640psi)
SpeedUp to 1 m/s
Temperature range-30 to +110℃
ODU 16X10X816108
ODU 18X12X818128
ODU 20X14X820148
ODU 22X16X822168
ODU 24X18X824188
ODU 25X19X825198
ODU 28X22X828228
ODU 30X22X10302210
ODU 32X24X10322410
ODU 35X27X10352710
ODU 36X28X10362810
ODU 40X32X10403210
ODU 45X37X10453710
ODU 50X42X10504210
ODU 55X43X14554314
ODU 55X47X10554710
ODU 56X44X14564414
ODU 56X48X10564810
ODU 60X48X14604814
ODU 63X51X14635114
ODU 65X53X14655314
ODU 70X58X14705814
ODU 75X63X14756314
ODU 80X68X14806814
ODU 85X73X14857314
ODU 90X78X14907814
ODU 95X83X14958314
ODU 100X88X141008814
ODU 100X84X181008418
ODU 105X89X181058918
ODU 105X93X141059314
ODU 110X98X141109814
ODU 110X94X181109418
ODU 115X99X181159918
ODU 115X103X1411510314
ODU 120X104X1812010418
ODU 120X108X1412010814
ODU 125X109X1812510918
ODU 125X113X1412511314
ODU 130X114X1813011418
ODU 130X118X1413011814
ODU 135X119X1813511918
ODU 135X123X1413512314
ODU 140X124X1814012418
ODU 140X128X1414012814
ODU 145X129X1814512918
ODU 145X133X1414513314
ODU 150X134X1815013418
ODU 150X138X1415013814
ODU 155X139X1815513918
ODU 155X143X1415514314
ODU 160X148X1416014814
ODU 160X144X1816014418
ODU 165X149X1816514918
ODU 165X153X1416515314
ODU 170X154X1817015418
ODU 175X159X1817515918
ODU 180X164X1818016418
ODU 185X169X1818516918
ODU 190X174X1819017418
ODU 195X179X1819517918
ODU 200X184X182008418
ODU 210X194X1821019418
ODU 215X199X1821519918
ODU 220X204X1822020418
ODU 225X209X1822520918
ODU 230X214X1823021418
ODU 240X224X1824022418
ODU 245X229X1824522918
ODU 250X234X1825023418
ODU 260X244X1826024418
ODU 265X249X1826524918
ODU 270X254X1827025418
ODU 280X264X1828026418
ODU 290X274X1829027418
ODU 300X284X1830028418
ODU 310X286X2431028624
ODU 320X296X2432029624
ODU 330X306X2433030624
ODU 340X316X2434031624
ODU 350X326X2435032624
ODU 360X336X2436033624
ODU 370X346X2437034624
ODU 380X356X2438035624
ODU 400X376X2440037624
ODU 420X396X2442039624
ODU 450X426X2445042624
ODU 460X436X2446043624
ODU 480X456X2448045624
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