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OK seals

OK seals have a step cut slide ring and a rectangular energizer.Pressure range up to 800bar(11600psi).They are available in metric sizes.

MaterialSlide ring: PA66
Energizer: NBR
PressureUp to 800 bar(11600psi)
SpeedUp to 1 m/s
Temperature range-30 to +110℃
OK 25X16X4.225164.2
OK 32X21X4.232214.2
OK 40X26.3X5.84026.35.8
OK 40X29X4.240294.2
OK 50X34.5X6.35034.56.3
OK 50X39X4.250394.2
OK 60X41.7X76041.77
OK 60X49X4.260494.2
OK 63X44.7X76344.77
OK 63X47.5X6.36347.56.3
OK 63X52X4.263524.2
OK 70X51.7X77051.77
OK 70X59X4.270594.2
OK 75X54X875548
OK 80X59X880598
OK 80X64.5X6.38064.56.3
OK 85X64X885648
OK 90X69X890698
OK 90X74.5X6.39074.56.3
OK 95X74X895748
OK 100X79X8100798
OK 100X84.5X6.310084.56.3
OK 105X84X8105848
OK 110X89X8110898
OK 110X94.5X6.311094.56.3
OK 115X94X8115948
OK 120X99X8120998.1
OK 125X104X81251048.1
OK 125X109.5X6.3125109.56.3
OK 130X109X81301098.1
OK 135X119.5X6.3135119.56.3
OK 135X114X81351148
OK 140X119X81401198.1
OK 145X124X81451248.1
OK 150X129X81501298
OK 160X139X81601398
OK 165X144X81651448
OK 170X149X81701498
OK 175X154X81751548
OK 180X159X81801598
OK 190X169X81901698
OK 200X179X82001798
OK 210X189X82101898
OK 220X199X82201998
OK 230X209X82302098
OK 240X225X82402258
OK 250X229X82502298
OK 260X239X82602398
OK 270X249X82702498
OK 280X255.5X8280255.58
OK 290X271X9.52902719.5
OK 300X272X9.53002729.5
OK 320X292X9.53202929.5
OK 330X302X9.53303029.5
OK 350X322X9.53503229.5
OK 370X342X9.53703429.5
OK 420X392X9.54203929.5
OK 450X422X9.54504229.5
OK 480X452X9.54804529.5
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