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RS seals

RS rod seals consist of a PTFE slide ring and a NBR or FKM rubber energizer. Pressure range up to 400bar.They are available in metric sizes and some fit seal housings in accordance with ISO 7425-1:1988.

MaterialSlide ring: PTFE with 40% Bronze
Energizer: NBR or FKM
PressureUp to 400 bar
SpeedUp to 4 m/s
Temperature range-30 to +110℃(NBR)
-30 to +200℃(FKM)
RS 4X8.9X2.248.92.2
RS 5X9.9X2.259.92.2
RS 6X10.9X22610.922
RS 7X11.9X2.2711.92.2
RS 8X12.9X2.2812.92.2
RS 9X13.9X2.2913.92.2
RS 10X14.9X2.21014.92.2
RS 12X16.9X2.21216.92.2
RS 14X18.9X2.21418.92.2
RS 15X19.9X2.21519.92.2
RS 16X20.9X2.21620.92.2
RS 18X22.9X2.21822.92.2
RS 8X15.3X3.2815.33.2
RS 10X17.3X3.21017.33.2
RS 12X19.3X3.21219.33.2
RS 14X21.3X3.21421.33.2
RS 15X22.3X3.21522.33.2
RS 16X23.3X3.21623.33.2
RS 18X25.3X3.21825.33.2
RS 20X27.3X3.22027.33.2
RS 22X29.3X3.22229.33.2
RS 25X32.3X3.22532.33.2
RS 28X35.3X3.22835.33.2
RS 30X37.3X3.23037.33.2
RS 32X39.3X3.23239.33.2
RS 35X42.3X3.23542.33.2
RS 36X43.3X3.23643.33.2
RS 38X45.3X3.23845.33.2
RS 40X47.3X3.24047.33.2
RS 18X28.7X4.21828.74.2
RS 20X30.7X4.22030.74.2
RS 22X32.7X4.22232.74.2
RS 25X35.7X4.22535.74.2
RS 28X38.7X4.22838.74.2
RS 30X40.7X4.23040.74.2
RS 32X42.7X4.23242.74.2
RS 35X45.7X4.23545.74.2
RS 36X46.7X4.23646.74.2
RS 38X48.7X4.23848.74.2
RS 40X50.7X4.24050.74.2
RS 42X52.7X4.24252.74.2
RS 45X55.7X4.24555.74.2
RS 50X60.7X4.25060.74.2
RS 55X65.7X4.25565.74.2
RS 56X66.7X4.25666.74.2
RS 60X70.7X4.26070.74.2
RS 63X73.7X4.26373.74.2
RS 65X75.7X4.26575.74.2
RS 70X80.7X4.27080.74.2
RS 75X85.7X4.27585.74.2
RS 80X90.7X4.28090.74.2
RS 85X95.7X4.28595.74.2
RS 90X100.7X4.290100.74.2
RS 95X105.7X4.295105.74.2
RS 100X110.7X4.2100110.74.2
RS 105X115.7X4.2105115.74.2
RS 110X120.7X4.2110120.74.2
RS 38X53.1X6.33853.16.3
RS 40X55.1X6.34055.16.3
RS 45X60.1X6.34560.16.3
RS 48X63.1X6.34863.16.3
RS 50X65.1X6.35065.16.3
RS 55X70.1X6.35570.16.3
RS 56X71.1X6.35671.16.3
RS 60X75.1X6.36075.16.3
RS 63X78.1X6.36378.16.3
RS 65X80.1X6.36580.16.3
RS 68X83.1X6.36883.16.3
RS 70X85.1X6.37085.16.3
RS 75X90.1X6.37590.16.3
RS 80X95.1X6.38095.16.3
RS 85X100.1X6.385100.16.3
RS 88X103.1X6.388103.16.3
RS 90X105.1X6.390105.16.3
RS 95X110.1X6.395110.16.3
RS 100X115.1X6.3100115.16.3
RS 105X120.1X6.3105120.16.3
RS 110X125.1X6.3110125.16.3
RS 115X130.1X6.3115130.16.3
RS 120X135.1X6.3120135.16.3
RS 125X140.1X6.3125140.16.3
RS 130X145.1X6.3130145.16.3
RS 135X150.1X6.3135150.16.3
RS 138X153.1X6.3138153.16.3
RS 140X155.1X6.3140155.16.3
RS 145X160.1X6.3145160.16.3
RS 150X165.1X6.3150165.16.3
RS 155X170.5X6.3155170.56.3
RS 160X175.1X6.3160175.16.3
RS 165X180.1X6.3165180.16.3
RS 170X185.1X6.3170185.16.3
RS 175X190.1X6.3175190.16.3
RS 180X195.1X6.3180195.16.3
RS 185X200.1X6.3185200.16.3
RS 190X205.1X6.3190205.16.3
RS 195X210.5X6.3195210.56.3
RS 200X215.1X6.3200215.16.3
RS 70X90.5X8.17090.58.1
RS 75X95.5X8.17595.58.1
RS 80X100.5X8.180100.58.1
RS 85X105.5X8.185105.58.1
RS 90X110.5X8.190110.58.1
RS 95X115.5X8.195115.58.1
RS 100X120.5X8.1100120.58.1
RS 105X125.5X8.1105125.58.1
RS 110X130.5X8.1110130.58.1
RS 115X135.5X8.1115135.58.1
RS 120X140.5X8.1120140.58.1
RS 125X145.5X8.1125145.58.1
RS 130X150.5X8.1130150.58.1
RS 135X155.5X8.1135155.58.1
RS 140X160.5X8.1140160.58.1
RS 145X165.5X8.1145165.58.1
RS 150X170.5X8.1150170.58.1
RS 155X175.5X8.1155175.58.1
RS 160X180.5X8.1160180.58.1
RS 165X185.5X8.1165185.58.1
RS 170X190.5X8.1170190.58.1
RS 175X195.5X8.1175195.58.1
RS 180X200.5X8.1180200.58.1
RS 185X205.5X8.1185205.58.1
RS 190X210.5X8.1190210.58.1
RS 195X215.5X8.1195215.58.1
RS 200X220.5X8.1200220.58.1
RS 205X225.5X8.1205225.58.1
RS 210X230.5X8.1210230.58.1
RS 215X235.5X8.1215235.58.1
RS 220X240.5X8.1220240.58.1
RS 225X245.5X8.1225245.58.1
RS 230X250.5X8.1230250.58.1
RS 240X260.5X8.1240260.58.1
RS 250X270.5X8.1250270.58.1
RS 260X284X8.12602848.1
RS 270X294X8.12702948.1
RS 280X304X8.12803048.1
RS 290X314X8.12903148.1
RS 300X324X8.13003248.1
RS 310X334X8.13103348.1
RS 320X344X8.13203448.1
RS 330X354X8.13303548.1
RS 340X364X8.13403648.1
RS 350X374X8.13503748.1
RS 360X384X8.13603848.1
RS 370X394X8.13703948.1
RS 380X404X8.13804048.1
RS 390X414X8.13904148.1
RS 400X424X8.14004248.1
RS 410X434X8.14104348.1
RS 420X444X8.14204448.1
RS 430X454X8.14304548.1
RS 440X464X8.14404648.1
RS 450X474X8.14504748.1
RS 460X484X8.14604848.1
RS 470X494X8.14704948.1
RS 480X504X8.14805048.1
RS 490X514X8.14905148.1
RS 500X524X8.15005248.1
RS 510X534X8.15105348.1
RS 520X544X8.15205448.1
RS 530X554X8.15305548.1
RS 540X564X8.15405648.1
RS 550X574X8.15505748.1
RS 560X584X8.15605848.1
RS 570X594X8.15705948.1
RS 580X604X8.15806048.1
RS 590X614X8.15906148.1
RS 600X624X8.16006248.1
RS 610X634X8.16106348.1
RS 620X644X8.16206448.1
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