About us

VERYSEAL & Bozheng Sealing Technology Co., Ltd is a leading distributor of high performance, competitively priced sealing solutions. Since April 2016, VERYSEAL joined the Central Seals Group, one of the leading O-ring suppliers. Together, the group boasts over 40 years experience in the Sealing industry.

Based in the North of China we are a close-knit team dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, very competitively priced products to meet your needs, whilst also offering the highest level of client service.

VERYSEAL supply high quality sealing solutions in many profiles and standard materials in a range of sizes from 10mm – 3000mm in endless product and up to 4500mm in split form. If you require non-standard sizing, large diameter or unusual profile, no problem! Here at VERYSEAL we excel in rubber fabric, rubber to metal products and custom solutions.

Our ability to deliver heavy duty seals, high pressure seals, bearing seals, neck seals and special moulded product at competitive prices will impress. And for your reassurance, all of our products are supported by an industry-leading production and test programme using cutting edge equipment.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional levels of customer service and technical knowledge, ensuring you receive the best quality product to meet your needs at the right time.

We aim to fully support customers in their purchasing decisions by offering a number of services such as site surveys, reverse engineered solutions and custom products for problem applications.