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X-Rings (Quad Rings) Description

X-rings (also known as QUAD-rings) are an excellent alternative to O-ring seals in many applications in mechanical engineering. X-rings offer excellent alternatives for many sealing applications, as they are perhaps the most widely used sealing solution in the world. The rings are one of the most common seals used in machine designs because they are inexpensive, easy to manufacture, reliable and easy to assemble.
X-rings are designed to fit into a groove and fill the gap between two parts once they have been compressed, while the O-ring sits in the groove and seals when assembled in both dynamic and static applications. The square ring fits into the same groove in existing applications and can be used with or without O-ring in any existing application.
To minimize premature wear and seal failure, all hardware surfaces that come into contact with the seal during installation and system operation must be properly prepared.
To prevent extrusion and eventual O-ring failure, pressure shocks should be anticipated and treated in advance. In the case of extreme operating temperature cycles, it is recommended to specify a sealing compound that exceeds or merely meets the desired temperature range. This is one of the most important factors to consider when designing seals and is a fundamental feature to consider when evaluating dynamic sealing applications.

Material Options

  • NBR
  • Silicone (VMQ) *Customized as required
  • EPDM *Customized as required

Advantages Of X-ring (Compared With O-Ring)

  • Work well in many areas where O-rings are not robust enough as a solution.
  • More stable sealing performance than O-rings.
  • More suitable for dynamic applications than O-rings.

Our Service

At VERYSEAL, our commitment to customer service includes technical support to help you choose a X-ring that meets your application needs. We carry a wide range of X-ring products from our world’s leading factory and can provide you with the X-ring products you need for any application.

In addition to X-rings, we specialize in a variety of other compounds, which are described in detail on our website. Our base stock of compounds on our list includes 30 O-ring compounds and we provide over 1,000 custom compounds. Please contact us and request a quote and offer free shipping for all your custom compound orders as well as the price of the compound itself.

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